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Help FNB soar by volunteering your time or collaborating with us by donating your business's nonperishable products or clothing items.

Email or fill out our volunteer submission form  to get in touch.



Donate food and other FNB wanted items to show your support and follow us on our social media to follow our journey. 

To learn more about FNB food drives

use our event calendar below & follow

us on Instagram @foodnotbought

Event Calendar

More Information

Each themed food drive will incorporate multiple local businesses that will house FNB donation bins and all donated items will be distributed evenly between 3 local charities, food banks, or shelters.

Each local business participating in the monthly drive will be announced via Instagram when we introduce that specific drive.

The businesses and donation centers will also be listed in our event details on our event calendar above.  

Specific drives will also incorporate our Doors to Donations Programs.

What is the Doors to Donations program? 

During off-season drives (drives that do not take place during statutory holidays) we will go door-to-door and make our way through the neighborhoods of Vaughan and Richmondhill. We will leave an information sheet regarding items needed for our drive and will provide a date and time for pick up. If individuals wish to participate they may leave a bag of nonperishable foods or other items listed for that specific food drive and our FNB team will directly pick it up and donate it!

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