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Back To School Waste

Pencils, erasers, highlighters, markers, rulers, protractors, calculators, notebooks, binders and so much more! Many supplies are needed for back-to-school time, and the prices add up. 5 dollars here, 5 dollars there, ends up totalling a lot more than you would think. School supplies are a necessity for success in education. Sadly, not everyone can afford new school supplies every year or maybe even at all.

Buying new supplies every year may be fun to follow trends and will be new and exciting, but it creates unneeded extra production and waste of material. ​​Americans throw away approximately 1.6 billion pens each year, that is a lot of waste! It would be simple to cut down on that waste by reusing supplies bought last year as opposed to buying new ones.

Instead of going to waste, these materials could be going to someone who is in need of supplies to strive. Having even just one pencil gives someone access to so many possibilities and opens up the opportunity for them to learn. One pencil can write notes, draw art, create, or can simply open someone's mind to so many possibilities they never had before.

This is why Food Not Bought strives to help those in our community access back-to-school supplies. It is always our goal to help out anywhere we can, and this time we supplied different resources and materials that are limited for many. Our ‘Fuel For School Drive’ provided many of those around us with products to be prepared for a fresh start to the school year. Food Not Bought was able to collaborate with banks and those around the community for yet another successful drive!

So, when back to school time rolls around again, think about reusing your supplies and maybe even donating some for others around you!

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