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Items to Keep in Mind When Donating

When people think of making a donation, the first items that come to mind are usually non-perishable food items and clothing. Although these things are definitely in need year round, there are many different products that you wouldn’t think to donate. However, all these items are in high demand among those in need. Here is a list of the top 10 items to donate that you wouldn’t instinctively think of.

  1. Toilet Paper

  2. Bath essentials e.g shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, deodorant

  3. Dental hygiene

  4. First aid items

  5. Feminine Hygiene Products

  6. Diapers

  7. Blankets

  8. Old cell phones

  9. School Supplies

  10. Undergarments

Having a more holistic view of what people need to survive and how to truly help those in need will help make a greater impact. Food Not Bought aims to help people through this holistic lens, which is why we look to collect different types of products for each drive. Check out our websites Event Calendar for upcoming drives and what we’re looking for!

Image Credits:

Feature Image: Markus Winkler, on Unsplash, Creative Commons


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