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Keeping Kosher Drive Goals

A practice kept by many Jewish people is keeping a kosher lifestyle. Kosher food refers to food that is considered clean or fit to eat by Jewish dietary laws. Foods that are kosher are labelled with a certified kosher symbol on the package and are available at most local grocery stores.

During Passover, Jews alike are committed to welcoming strangers to their Seder and providing food for anybody in need. If you are able to, It is important to help and support those around you who may need it. This custom is about providing others with something they may not have, a warm meal and a place to rest/sit. It is in times like these that having a strong support system in the community helps build others up and benefits many people.

It may not always be possible to welcome someone into your home for a meal, so Food Not Bought created a Keeping Kosher Drive. This drive was targeted to collect kosher foods and give them to people in the community who need them the most. Not everyone has easy access to enough kosher foods to sustain themselves and their families. As an organization, we are committed to contributing and giving back in the hopes of helping the severity of food insecurity in our area and community.

Especially at this time with many different holidays taking place in many different beliefs and regions, it is important to recognize those that are struggling and help out where you can. Donating is just the first step, there is so much more we as individuals can do to help out around us. Do what you can to make a better place for everyone.

Image: Kashruth Council of Canada (COR) convenient kosher symbol card


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