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New Years Resolutions

As the new year rolls around we often like to set goals for the year to come. A quite popular new year's resolution is to do good and be a better person. But it is hard to know where to start/ what you can do to make this happen. Here is a list of resolutions you can take on to help out your community this new year!

  1. Donate used clothes to a drive

  2. Volunteer your time

    1. soup kitchen

    2. homeless shelter

    3. Seniors center

  3. Fundraise for charity

  4. Collect and donates books to a school

  5. Give blood

  6. Buy from local small businesses

  7. Tip restaurants, drivers, and stores

  8. Help out elderly neighbours with tricky tasks

    1. Shovelling snow

    2. Raking leaves

    3. Grocery shopping

  9. Join or start a community garden

  10. Participate in a fundraising walk or run

  11. Tutor kids in the neighbourhood

  12. Organize community clean-ups

  13. Donate to or help out at a pet shelter

  14. Donate women's and period products to a women's shelter

  15. Do random acts of kindness to strangers!

  16. Participate in Food Not Bought’s drives throughout the year

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