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Ways to Give During the Pandemic

Ways to Give During the Pandemic

As we see this global pandemic continuing for over a year, and with all the restrictions depending on where you live, it can often times make you feel like you are unable to help others when they need it most. Everyday more and more people become reliant on food banks but less people are able to donate monetarily. There are other ways aside from strictly monetary donations which can really help a family in need during the pandemic. Listed below are the 3 main categories of how you can give back according to Help Guide.

  1. Donate Without Spending Money

    1. donate extra non-perishables from around the house

    2. donate PPE — many shelters are only accepting these items as they are unable to sanitize clothing for safe distribution

    3. computers — with online school on the rise, donating a gently used tech item could really give a student the resources to complete school successfully

    4. hard to find supplies — panic shopping has made items like toilet paper, sanitizer and other essentials hard to find, donating some of these items is extremely important

    5. clothing

2. Provide Skills People May Need

  1. sewing — sewing PPE for those in need can greatly keep someone safe

  2. web design — many businesses have had to change to a completely online business model, lending your skills may help businesses get back on their feet

  3. legal aid — many people cannot afford legal counsel, if you are a lawyer you can volunteer to help guide individuals

  4. financial services — if you are a certified financial planner, you can lend your skills to those who lost their jobs during the pandemic

  5. virtual fitness — physical fitness if extremely important for mental health, getting people moving can greatly help people during these unprecedented times

3. Give Blood — blood is always in demand, the more blood we have stored the more lives we can save.

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Featured Image: Brian McGowan, on Unsplash, Creative Commons


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