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Winter Essentials For Everyone

The cold weather brings lots of fun and joy. The cold makes snow; meaning snowball fights, sledding, skating, skiing and more; but none of those activities are fun when you are cold. Staying warm is done by dressing properly for the weather.

It can be challenging for everyone to stay warm during the Winter. Especially here in Canada with the low temperature, strong winds, and snow. A portion of our population can not afford the winter essentials needed to stay warm. Not only for fun activities, but for survival.

This is where donating becomes extra important. With illnesses like hypothermia and frostbite caused by the cold, it could save lives. During Food Not Bought’s Winter Essentials drive, we ask those who can, to donate new or gently used supplies to help out others in the GTA.

Here is a list of supplies that could really help someone out this holiday season:

  • Coats

  • Mittens/ gloves

  • Scarves

  • Hats

  • Sweaters

  • sweatpants

  • Snow Pants

  • Sleeping bags

  • New socks

  • winter/rain boots

  • Blankets

  • Any warm clothes

If donating is not an option, please spread the word and awareness to those around you. As a community, we strive to help others in any way we can. Even a social media repost or text message helps. The more people that know, the more difference we can make!

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