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Women in the Workplace: Stigmas and Inequality

Economic wages are a huge struggle for women across the world. Even when men and women do the same job, they often have different wages and pay rates.

In the United States during 2020, women were seen to have earned only 84% of what men earned. On average, women are earning 93 cents for every dollar a man is earning. Having a low income leaves many women and their families in a tough situation. This denies them the ability to have the money they need to live as well as having savings to fall back on.

But it is not just the pay that is discriminatory; the way women are treated and looked at in places of work is significantly different than men. In 2017, four in ten women reported having experienced gender discrimination in the workplace.

There has always been this stigma that the women help out the men and are on a lower tier in terms of education. Stereotypes say that in a hospital, men are doctors and women are nurses because they are less educated than their male counterparts. Other stigmas include women as secretaries in offices where they report to men, or women being flight attendants and men being the pilot. These are just a few examples of stigmas and stereotypes that have become almost normalized.

There has been significant improvement over time in the world in terms of gender equality. There is more representation of women than ever in traditionally male-dominated high-paying jobs. This is a step in the right direction, but we are not there yet.

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